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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The pros and cons of hair transplants moves around finding the best possible place, as a lower- quality place can produce inferior results. Find out how to get the most natural looking transplants with some pros and cons mentioned below.

Advantages of Having Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey is the best way to look younger and helps in changing your life. All the people who are mainly having issues for hair loss can now flip the process through hair transplant surgery. It is the best procedure for men looking for a younger and appealing. A lot of people suffering from lack of confidence due to excessive hair fall. Hair surgery can help you revert back the past and give you the personality that you really want. Let's discuss the different benefits of hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

  • Natural Process

    Some people have misconceptions about hair transplantation and they think of it as an unsafe process. But according to medical experts in Turkey this is totally untrue because hair transplants in Turkey are completely safe and natural.

  • Eliminate Balding

    All your hairs related problems being sorted out after you get a hair transplant. You would not have to worry or think about a receding hairline or bald scar on your head because hair surgery can resolve all problems. The results of this hair transplant in Turkey are very effective.

  • Improve Your Looks

    Well according to the various studies it is seen that all the persons who lost their hair at an youth age, look at the other person with a negative mind set and the worst part is such person with negative mind set often become a joke in front of the other people. Hence in such cases, opting for hair transplant can be a life-changing endeavor for you that can actually boost your confidence remarkably.

  • Low Maintenance

    Another advantage of Turkey hair transplant surgery is that you simply get hair that is very manageable. Transplanted hair works rather like your naturally grown hair therefore you don’t need to apply any special shampoos or chemicals to take care of its density. Hair transplantation is additionally a onetime process. You won’t have to be compelled to visit the doctor again and again.

  • Cost Effective

    People may be thinking that how is hair transplant surgery price effective. Well if you think about the prices of other countries you may understand that those costs are although small however never ending. Over a long duration the costs of temporary solutions will exceed that of a hair transplant. If you want a long term and permanent solution for your baldness then consider hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

Disadvantages of Having Hair Transplant in Turkey

There are no permanent side effects of hair transplant surgery in Turkey. The temporary side effects are explained below.

  • Headaches

    There is a lot of a pulling and tugging on your scalp and that can induce a headache after.

  • Bleeding

    That’s obviously because it is surgery that involves incisions. So there is some bleeding after.

  • Numbness

    Some people can get numbness afterward doesn’t always happen but it can happen to some people. This is always a risk when you’re making incisions because you’re going near the nerves it could happen.

  • Forehead/Eye Swelling

    This normally goes down within above five days. It’s just simply because you know you get that with a lot of cosmetic surgery along the swelling.

  • Hiccoughs

    A weird side effect. Five percent of people who have a hair transplant do get hiccoughs after. It is a strange problem to get hiccoughs but it can happen in a few people.

  • Infection

    Infection is always a risk of any kind of surgery.

  • Scarring

    Scarring is another risk but a good surgeon should be able to minimize this. A good surgeon should not you know show scars after your operation.

Why Do People Prefer Turkey for Having Hair Transplant?

The best part is Turkey has made a huge enhancement by modernizing all genres of its medical systems and training its doctors and physicians intensively, even in Western centers of study. This effort leads the country to having medical facilities that even surpass international standards.

  1. You are saving money

  2. State of the art equipment combined and the best part is it comes with newer and better techniques

  3. Skilled surgeons and good results

  4. No waiting lists – no hassle

  5. Beautiful sights, affordable prices

Travelling While Having Hair Transplant

The best part of Turkey is the beautiful tourist spots here in this country and this is many tourists when they visit the country then they can easily have the hair transplant as well. In fact according to the various reports it is seen that about 30 million tourist came in the last year and out of which about 1 million came for medical purpose like surgery, transplant etc.

What do people say for hair transplant in Turkey?

We asked to some people who had hair transplant in Turkey that, what are the main reasons that brought you Turkey for hair transplantation? And are you satisfied with the hair transplant in Turkey?

The Answers

“ Hello guys, I am Weldon, I have been visiting this country for a long time now, but recently I have done my hair transplant from one of the reputed hospitals in the town. I would like to say my experience was really good. I really recommend this to the others. ”

Weldon Sanford, USA

“ This is John, mainly due to various positive feedbacks from other tourist I came here for my treatment. I have just done my hair treatment here and my operation was really smooth, the doctors were like friends telling me what to do, when to do, extremely friendly. Highly recommended service. “

John Macroll, UK

“ I first heard about their amazing service from one of my friends, then I came here to check out the services myself. Once I saw the doctors, services and other factors, I could not wait to do my transplant from here. Loved my new look now, extremely satisfied. ”

Rachel Seth

“ I came from Middle East, I saw their ad online, then checked out the YouTube videos. Now that I have got my transplant done, I am very happy with the results. ”

Md. Amed Ali

The Best Cities for Hair Transplant in Turkey

In today's world Turkey is one of the leading successful hair transplantation centers and Istanbul is the best city and the center of affordable/effective solution for hair transplantation. Apart from Istanbul there are some other cities in Turkey where you can go for like Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya etc.